Blue Bay Farms Ltd

growing high quality seed and table potatoes on P.E.I.

Planting Potatoes…….

Here are a few pictures of potato planting. It takes a lot of work to get all the work done. These pictures were from last year. I will add some new ones when we get to the field. It should be sometime in May.


My First Post on a new site……

This web blog is about Blue Bay Farms Ltd. and a little bit about what we do. I hope to update as the seasons go by to give readers a bit of an idea what farming is all about.
A view from the tractor
This view is from the tractor that pulls the digger. I spend many long days in this cab once digging starts.
Another load of PEI potatoes
 In the coming months I will try to give seasonal updates.
These two pictures show a little bit about digging. Equipment on the left and a big load of potatoes heading for the warehouse.